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When you’re on your own, it can be difficult to glean how your hospital is performing financially, especially when you have nothing to compare it to and limited operational visibility.

When you’re with VMG, you have exclusive access to practice performance data to help you compare analytics and make more effective, data-based management decisions. You can also take a deeper dive into different areas of hospital performance with our financial dashboards and reporting.


  • Exclusive access to practice performance data
  • Trusted benchmarking and analytical tools
  • Financial dashboards and quarterly reportings


  • Incomplete understanding of practice performance
  • No access to benchmarking data
  • Limited operational visibility

See how your hospital finances measure up

Understand your practice’s performance against a global reporting network that includes all VMG members who report as well as your performances within your group and against the Top 20% Most Profitable Practices from that network.

  • The individual member
  • The individual member’s VMG group average
  • Aggregated global data of all reporting VMG members
  • The global top 20% most profitable VMG members

Trust the numbers

All VMG members use the same COA (Chart of Accounts) to submit their data points to VSG DATALINK™ , creating continuity across categories. That way, you know you’re comparing apples to apples when benchmarking your practice. Plus, all submissions are reviewed for accuracy by a team of veterinary-specific CPAs, so you can run the numbers with the utmost confidence.

with VSG Datalink, it's easy to …

Participate with automated data extraction (no need to change your accounting service provider)

Interpret results thanks to quarterly reports (with 14 parameters, including revenue per transaction, salaries paid to support staff, and EBIDTA)

Trust the program under the management of respected CPA firm Katz, Sapper and Miller (who also help with antitrust compliance and data accuracy)

Performance reposts by

  • Expenses
  • Revenues
  • Efficiencies
  • Direct cost

Dive Deeper into your metrics

Analyze your hospital’s total revenue by month, revenue share by staff, market share and more with our four financial dashboards:

  • Practice Financials
  • DVM/Staff
  • Client Retention
  • The global top 20% most profitable VMG Flea/Tick and Heartworm Market Share

See how you're tracking

Each quarter, you can download the State Of My Union (SOMU) Trends Report, which allows benchmarking over a three-year period with a wide variety of parameters:

  • % change gross client revenue
  • Direct cost as a % change of gross client revenue
  • Normalized EBIDTA as % of gross revenue
  • # of client invoices
  • Average client invoice visit and patient invoice visit
  • Non-owner DVM compensation as % of gross revenue
  • Gross production per FTE DVM
  • # of client visit invoices per FTE DVM
  • Non-DVM staff compensation as % of gross revenue
  • Total compensation, benefits and taxes as % of gross revenue
  • Total new clients as % of active clients
  • Client retention

~1600 member practices

~$14M rebates earned by
VMG members in 2019

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