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What are Veterinary
Management Groups (VMG)?

Veterinary Management Groups is a professional membership organization dedicated to helping hospitals with veterinary ownership achieve greater practice success through collaboration. When you join, you access invaluable intellectual capital by participating in a study group of approximately 16-20 peers with hospitals similar to, yet geographically distant from, your own. You will also find a network of programs, tools, and resources to support your effort, including mentorship from retired and current veterinary members and significant financial benefits from our combined purchasing group power with close to 60 preferred partners.
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The VMG Membership Experience

Exceptional support for every area of hospital ownership
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Why Me? (Yes, You.)

You trained to be an expert clinician, not a CEO.

Few understand the challenges you’re facing as you balance the business of running a hospital with delivering excellent patient care. But across North America, other owners share your struggle, and they’re coming together to make their hospitals more successful.

When you join a VMG, you get access to personalized support from colleagues who become lifelong friends.

As a result, you can make meaningful progress at your hospital and feel more connected to the profession to which you have devoted your life’s work. Plus, you will receive consultative guidance, expert tools, significant savings through our combined purchasing power, and more. All in one membership.

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