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I get a feeling of companionship. They are my best buds, and I can tell them anything. That is how we have developed our friendship in this management group over the years. As you sit...

Member for 20 years

Luckily, I belong to VMG, so I have a good group of colleagues who are much smarter than I am. They have been practicing for a while, some of them have been practicing much longer...

Member for 1 year , 18 years in practice

Our membership is comprised of veterinarians from across the country, so I definitely think it helps with diversity within the membership.

Member , 25 years in industry

[During COVID], I felt like VMG did a great job for its members getting out really good resources, it seemed like multiple times a week there was somebody doing a webinar about whatever the latest...

Member , 15 years in industry

There are purchasing/discount groups and that is all you get from them. Then there are management groups that give you business management, practice guidance, discounts, and data. Then there are study groups that just talk...

Member for 7 years , 15 years in practice

VMG has been like learning Business 101 in a collegial environment. Sharing the successes and challenges and applying the lessons has proved to be invaluable for my practice and my career.

Dr. Dan Brod  , Littleton, CO
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