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Dr. Dan Brod

Senior Advisor

Dr. Dan Brod

Dr. Dan Brod graduated from Kansas State in 1983and cofounded Deer Creek Animal Hospital in Littleton, Colorado in 1984. The hospital grew to the largest general veterinary hospital in Colorado with 20 veterinarians and a staff of 100. He retired from clinal practice in 2017.

He was a founding member of VMG 10 and served on the SOC where he assisted in finding opportunities for the VMG hospitals. Dan was instrumental in creating leadership courses for VMG that are still running today. He also lectured around the country for AAHA on The Indistinguishable Associate.

Dan was a legacy owner of Companion Animal Practices North America, CAPNA, and was the VP of Strategic Partners. At CAPNA he worked to individually improve the quality of the 52 animal hospitals. When CAPNA sold to VCA he became the VP of Strategic Opportunities for VCA. He worked with small teams on procurement, pricing, marketing, IT, supply chain and agreements.

When VCA sold to MARS, Dan represented VCA globally for any and all opportunities to ultimately make a better life for pets.

Dan has returned to VMG to help bring new opportunities to the VMG hospitals.

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