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Ask VMG - 5 Frequently Asked Questions - pt.1

Posted on May 13, 2023 at 11:03 AM by Chloe Magaldino


As a veterinary practice owner, you face a unique set of challenges. Running a successful practice requires not only medical expertise, but also business acumen, leadership skills, and effective communication. That's where VMG (Veterinary Management Groups) come in. VMG provides an organization and framework for veterinary practice owners to collaborate, share knowledge, and receive leadership training, all with the goal of improving their practice management skills and providing better care for their patients.

Joining VMG is a big commitment and we have lots and lots of conversations with you before you sign on the dotted line. There are a few questions we have heard over and over again. In this blog, we'll answer five of the most frequently asked questions about VMG.


Are group meetings mandatory?

Yes, attendance at VMG meetings is mandatory. The success of a VMG group depends on regular and consistent attendance at all regularly scheduled meetings. However, there may be times when a member cannot attend a meeting due to illness or other reasons. In such cases, the member should discuss the situation with the group prior to the meeting.

In general, you will come to love your group meetings and look forward to them throughout the year. Groups tend to hold meetings in nice places and have a good mix of work and play when they get together. You will experience top-quality leadership training and learn new management skills you can use with your team. You will return to work the next week energized and ready to be your best self.


VMG Team Mountain Climbing

VMG-35 Fall 2022 Meeting, Flagstaff, AZ


How long are VMG group meetings?

After a new group is formed, your first meeting is typically the longest, lasting approximately three days. Most subsequent meetings are 2 1/2 days. As the group matures, social meetings may be longer, depending on the group's decision.

How often are meetings and how are locations chosen?

Each group of about 15 - 20  VMG members holds two meetings per year, generally in the spring and fall. Each member takes turns deciding on the location of a meeting. VMG staff meeting planners assist with the coordination and logistical planning of each meeting. Locations can vary from year to year, depending on the preferences of the group members.

When will I attend my first meeting?

The timing of your first meeting will depend on when you join a VMG. It can take several months to form a new group or to be placed in an existing group that has an available spot. Our team will balance a variety of factors as they find the perfect group for you to join. Most new members will attend their first meeting within six months of joining VMG.

How and what kind of content is presented at VMG group meetings?

VMGs typically spend 2/3 of their meeting time in workshop-style discussions. Topics are decided upon by the meeting chair, with input from the group and its facilitator. Financial benchmarking is a particularly common and important topic, but any challenge or opportunity in the veterinary industry can make for a great discussion.

VMGs will often use 1/3 of their time with an expert content provider. This can include technical discussions (i.e. legal, regulatory, financial) or broad-based discussions outside of the industry (i.e. leadership, human resources, financial planning, work-life balance, mergers & acquisitions). The goal is to provide members with valuable information and insights that they can use to improve their practice management skills and provide better care to their patients.


Bonus Question: What is the difference between VSG and VMG?

VSG (Veterinary Study Groups, Inc.) is the umbrella corporation for the individual VMGs (Veterinary Management Groups). VMGs are groups of veterinary professionals who come together to improve their practice management skills, learn from each other, and collaborate to provide better care for their patients. VSG provides administrative and organizational support to VMGs.

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