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3 Ways VMG is Different From Other Veterinary Membership Organizations

Posted on May 6, 2023 at 9:42 PM by Matthew Salois


VMG stands apart from other veterinary membership organizations. In this blog, we will highlight VMG's emphasis on collaboration, leadership training, and professionally facilitated meetings. More information about each of these topics will be published here in this blog.


1: VMG is focused on collaboration

At VMG, we believe collaboration is key to your success. We know sometimes the life of a veterinary practice owner can be isolating and lonely. Part of the process of joining VMG is connecting you with a curated group of veterinary practice owners who will become your "VMG group".

You will meet together in person twice per year and communicate virtually in between. Your group is there to collaborate, support, and share the ups and downs of owning a practice. By collaborating with each other, you and your fellow group members will be able to improve patient outcomes, reduce costs, and provide better service to clients. Unlike other GPOs, VMG encourages members to share their experiences and work together to achieve excellence. VMG members have access to DATALINK, the industry’s only benchmarking platform that allows practices to benchmark EBITDA and compare outcomes on both the revenue and cost side of practice financials.


VMG Members Leadership Training Mt. Everest

VMG 26 - Spring Meeting at Mt. Everest (Nepal)


2: Leadership Training

Each day, your team depends on you to provide leadership. At VMG we know that great leadership is essential for the success of a veterinary hospital. But leadership is not a one-time training. Leadership is the act of doing the right things over and over to help you achieve the best results. To be a great leader in our dynamic world of veterinary medicine, you need regular sessions to help you understand and analyze the complex issues you face every day.

That's why each VMG group meeting provides our members with training programs designed to help them become better leaders. Our programs are facilitated by experts across many disciplines in the world of veterinary medicine. We cover a range of topics including mental health, burnout, team building, communication, conflict resolution, and dozens more topics. You and your fellow group members will decide which topics are covered at your in-person meetings. This helps to guarantee the subjects will always be as relevant as possible for you. On the topic of our in-person meetings.



3: Professionally Facilitated Meetings

VMG understands you have a packed schedule, which is why we plan and facilitate all meetings as a membership benefit. Our professional facilitators are veteran career coaches with years of experience helping independent veterinary practice owners. Our collection of professional facilitators knows how to elicit responses from the group and how and when to probe deeper during discussions. They specialize in keeping meetings collaborative, informative, and engaging. Each of our groups develops its own personality and style of meeting. Each group develops a rapport with their facilitators to keep the mood and the vibe at a tenor which best serves the group.



VMG is not your typical GPO. We believe that collaboration, leadership, and effective communications are key to the success of any veterinary practice. By providing our members with group collaboration, leadership training, and professionally facilitated meetings, we are helping them become better veterinary professionals and provide better care to their patients.

We would love to talk to you about your future with VMG. Click here to schedule a call with us to learn if VMG is right for your practice.




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