Veterinary Management Groups (VMG)

Characteristics of a Successful Member


  • Recognized by peers as providing high quality veterinary health care.
  • A practice's principal manager, with equity interest, who is empowered to institute change.
  • Active in their civic and/or professional communities


  • Develop and lead a profitable, ethical, well-managed practice.
  • Utilize good business and management principles to build their practice's value.
  • Seek out and share business growth strategies with like-minded peers.


  • Driven, creative, entrepreneurial, strategically minded.
  • Respects and appreciates the sharing of ideas.
  • Able to function effectively in a team environment.
  • Looking to elevate their practice and are willing to contribute towards others' success at the same time.


  • Can identify and understand the value that being in a management group provides.
  • Aspires to be identified as "best of the best".
  • Is committed to being in practice another 5-years.
  • Willing to invest the time in the group's activities to drive their practice's return rate.

* as determined by a 2013 survey of VMG members performed by The Whiteboard Team


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